In the beginning of 2014, many businesses across the world launched their explainer video to grab the attention of people. Many businesses in fact WILL launch their explainer video in the years, if not months to come by. We understand the complexities and cost that is involved in the creation of explainer video and that is why we planned to put up a blog about checklist that every business should consider before creating a video for their business.


Following are the best and effective ways to implement if you are about to create a company explainer video!


Short is best

People have short attention span these days, so keep it short and create a video by including all the key things that you want to explain them. A 90 seconds video is enough to convey your business message and it needs an effective script with a skilled voiceover. However, it depends upon the purpose and kind of business you have. Very complex products can be explained within 2 to 3 minutes of explainer video.


Put important stuff in the first few lines

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As mentioned in the previous point, people have short attention span. If you would not put important stuff in the first few lines, chances are they will abandon the video without watching your actual content. You have to ignite the curiosity of viewers by including interesting, educating or engaging video content in the beginning.


Be Specific, Be Personal

It is possible only if you fully understand your targeted audience and niche. Research the complete buyer persona i.e. gender, age, family status, lifestyle, income etc so that you can target particular customers without focusing on other distractions. Conversational or friendly tone will work here to create a personal environment. Communicating with them in direct and personal way always works in getting their interest and attention.


Put the video in context

The placement and positioning of your explainer video is one of the essential things to consider. For instance, if you are placing the video on landing page then make sure to remove all the distractions first. Add relevant content around the video to encourage visitors to watch the video. From thumbnail to description and title to content in the web page makes serious impact when it comes to conversions.


Use enticing visuals

The visuals in your explainer video should not be flashy or with Pixar-level animation instead the visuals should enhance and reinforce your business message along with script. Visuals have great capability to establish your brand image and make sure to keep your explainer video visuals simple, aligned and uncluttered.


Neat & clean Call-To-Action


Your viewers should know exactly what to do next after watching the video. You can either ask them to subscribe to your channel or just ask for the sale. You can ask the viewers about anything i.e. to signup, book consultation, request a quote, subscribe, call or anything that you want them to do. Call-to-action can be either in voice form or clickable button depending upon your choice.


Grab high quality video host

B2C businesses can opt for YouTube or Vimeo to host their videos but effectual advertising plan should be there. On the other hand, B2B businesses can choose third party paid hosting solutions for better results. Vidyard and Wistia are ultimate choices you can make to host your explainer video. B2B businesses need to pull the visitors to their site and thus, such paid video hosting plans are the best options. Paid video hosts are also good when it comes to SEO.


Use best voice over and audio

Just like a video cannot perform better without a script, it cannot perform better than voiceover as well. You have to match the style and tone of voiceover according to the content in you explainer video. There are thousands of Voiceover artists you can find online and is a cool place to start!


Plan video promotion tactics

Just developing and launching of explainer video is not enough, you must create a solid marketing plan too. Apart from placing the video on your website or blog, make sure to distribute across various marketing channels such as newsletters, webinars, social media networks etc.

Do you think we have missed something? If yes, we would be glad to hear about that. Share your thoughts or ideas in the comments below!


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